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In October 1993, the Company had an initial public offering (IPO) and became a real estate investment trust listed on the New York Stock Exchange trading under the ticker symbol: REG.
Regency Centers’ stock is listed on the NASDAQ. NASDAQ ticker symbols, CUSIP numbers, and quotes are available here. Please note, some online services use different formats for Preferred Stock tickers which may require you to perform a symbol look-up in order to obtain quotes from them.
Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc. is our Transfer Agent and Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) administrator.
At this time, Regency does not have a direct stock purchase plan available. In order to make an initial share purchase, it must be done through a personal Broker/Financial Consultant or online trading account. After an initial share purchase is made, as a shareholder of the Company you may enroll in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) which is administered by our transfer agent, Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions. Plan inquiries may be directed to a service representative at: 1-877-830-4936, or via email at
The Dividend Reinvestment Plan is administered by our Transfer Agent: Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions. If you are an existing Regency Centers common stock shareholder you may enroll in the plan which allows you to reinvest dividends in company stock and purchase additional shares. You may enroll online or by calling: 1-877-830-4936.
Our Transfer Agent, Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions administers the DRIP plan. Online account access is available at:, or you may contact a service representative at: 1-877-830-4936 by phone or via email.
Upon approval by the Board of Directors, Dividends for all share classes (Common and Preferred) are announced via press release. Typically the Common Stock dividend is announced in our quarterly earnings results press release.
Detailed dividend information on all share classes is available on the Stock Information page on the Dividends tab. Typically the Common Stock record date is approximately two weeks from the earnings release/dividend announcement.
Dividend tax treatment information for both the Common and Preferred Stock is usually announced in a press release in January. The information is subsequently posted under the Financial Reporting Tab on the Dividend Taxes page.
Our earnings release dates and conference call times are posted on the Investor Relations section of our website on the Event Calendar. Approximately one month prior to our earnings results announcement a Press Release containing the specific release date and time will be made available. Typical Release weeks are: End of April/Early May (for first quarter results), End of July/Early August (for second quarter results), End of October/Early November (for third quarter results), End of January/Early February (for fourth quarter results).
Webcasts for the current/most recent quarter are available on the Investor Relations home page. Please access our Webcasts & Presentations tab for additional webcast events and archived conference calls.
The Annual Shareholder Meeting is typically the last week of April or the first week of May. The meeting location, date and time may be found in the front of both our 10-K and/or our Proxy (DEF 14A) which are filed with the SEC in March of every year. Please see the Highlights section of our SEC Filings page for the current 10-K and Proxy filing or click on our Annual Meetings page where you may also find historical electronic copies of Annual Reports.
Regency’s Annual Shareholder Meeting occurs within the second quarter (late April/early May). Once compiled, the results from the votes obtained during the meeting and via proxy may be found in the 10-Q filed with the SEC in August for second quarter results.
A printable version of our Property Portfolio is published quarterly in conjunction with our earnings release. Excel files (Portfolio Summary By Region) are posted on the Quarterly Supplementals page. The same information is also contained within the quarterly supplemental files posted in PDF, on the pages labeled Portfolio Summary By Region.
Executive and Board Compensation information is available within our Proxy Filings (DEF 14A). Please go to the Highlights section of our SEC Filings page for quick access to the most recent Proxy (DEF 14A) document. Note: Senior Management compensation is also governed by the Compensation Committee comprised of Independent Directors of the Board of Directors and that Board Committee's responsibilities are detailed within Charters and Governance documents posted on the Board Committees and Governance pages.
In order to expedite your request, please contact Eric Davidson at (904) 598-7829.
For information regarding Shareholder Proposals and Communications with the Board of Directors please see page number 56 (60 in the PDF File) of the current Definitive Proxy (DEF 14A). ~ For information on who to contact regarding a specific shopping center, leasing, property management, green initiatives (greengenuity/sustainability), properties for sale or a career at Regency Centers, please see their respective pages located on the top navigation bar of our corporate website:

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