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Proxy DEF 14A 3/14/2017 4/27/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 3/14/2017
Transcript CPT 3/7/2017
Abstract: Transcript of Regency Centers Corp at Citi Global Property CEO Conference on 3/7/2017
8-K 8-K 3/6/2017 3/6/2017
Abstract: Registrant reported that on March 6, it provided a presentation at the Citi 2017 Global Property CEO Conference. The presentation was included by exhibit.
13-D SC 13D 3/6/2017
8-K 8-K 3/2/2017 3/2/2017
Abstract: Registrant reported that on March 2, it and Regency Centers LP closed on a $300 million unsecured term loan. The term loan agreement, among other things, was included by exhibit.
8-K 8-K 3/1/2017 2/24/2017
Abstract: On March 1, registrant and Equity One Inc. announced the completion of their merger, whereby Equity One merged with and into the registrant. On Feb. 24, registrant announced that its stockholders approved its merger with Equity One at a special meeting of stockholders. The articles of amendment to the restated articles of incorporation, among other things, were included by exhibit.
Registration Statement S-8 POS 3/1/2017
10-K 10-K 2/27/2017 12/31/2016
Deregistration of Securities 15-12B 2/22/2017
Abstract: Registrant filed a certification of termination of registration of its 6.625% series 6 cumulative redeemable preferred stock.
Deregistration of Securities 25-NSE 2/21/2017
8-K 8-K 2/17/2017 2/17/2017
Abstract: Registrant reported that on Feb. 17, it and its directors entered into a stipulation of settlement with respect to the Garfield v. Regency Centers Corporation et al., Case No. 16-2017-CA-000688-XXXX-MA, pursuant to which the parties have agreed, among other things, that the registrant will make certain supplemental disclosures which are set forth in the supplemental disclosures.
Prospectus 425 2/17/2017
13-D SC 13G/A 2/14/2017
13-D SC 13G/A 2/13/2017
13-D SC 13G/A 2/10/2017
8-K 8-K 2/9/2017 2/8/2017
Abstract: On Feb. 8, registrant reported its net income for the quarter and net income for the year ended Dec. 31, 2016. On Feb. 7, registrant declared a quarterly cash dividend of 51 cents per share, payable March 1 to shareholders as of Feb. 24. The supplemental information was included by exhibit.
13-D SC 13G 2/8/2017
13-D SC 13G/A 2/7/2017
8-K 8-K 1/26/2017 1/26/2017
Abstract: Registrant reported that on Jan. 26, it and Regency Centers LP entered into a fourth supplemental indenture with US Bank NA. Registrant also reported that it and Regency Centers LP notified JP Morgan Chase Bank NA that, in accordance with the terms of the commitment letter, the commitments were immediately and permanently reduced by approximately $389.1 million. The fourth supplemental indenture, among other things, was included by exhibit.

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